Art Assets and MEMEs!

 These are some production art assets and some random memes that drive our decision on combined paintings/sculptures.  original work VanGough + everything Scream + everything Apple + everything Doodled everything Fountain and Calligraphy Thinker and something and a cute Cthulhu carpet and grass why thinker is doodled to gorilla

Quest Lines and Reward Design

 Quest Lines We designed several quest lines and we tag them with how many steps the user has. there are also reward designs to figure out the best parameters to best reflect gameplay.  1. stealing a sculpture 2. stealing an (original, combined, doodled) painting 3. stealing a calligraphy 4. stealing the gold safe 5. we also proposed the gameplay of stealing a Cthulhu statue that can turn everything into an octopus, however, as time runs out, we finally take that part away Reward Design  We used some math implementations to figure out the model between player interaction times (like how many times they have to click on something and how much time they have to spend to finish one steal quest) and the reward he/she gets.  We also introduced the random numbers that some artifacts are much more worthy than others (maybe based on history and maybe not!) so there is more interest for players to explore different combinations. 

Brainstorm and Design Concepts

  Brainstorm Board After we get the topic of this week's Game Jam, we started to brainstorm ideas on the whiteboard, consisting of everything, game-related or nongame-related.  these are some sample ideas: the paper roll that the start and the end is one point Mobius belt the mirrored world that two sides end up together player level up and at some point, the player has to defeat him/herself (the stronger, the more difficult) the natural circulation: rainwater - river - sea - steam - cloud - rain rolling the cube at the grid space ends at some point at the state of the begin the HP and stats of the player have to remain  the same at end and start  one single line draw of a vector line from having to not having to having - circulation the life thread of people - someone becomes together and someone will be apart, you start your life single and end your life single the time to back - maybe 5 secs elapsed and 4 secs recovered; every 5 seconds player will be the pace 4 seconds ago  etc